Women On Target®

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Instructional Shooting Clinic

This course is an introduction to firearms safety, gun handling, and the fundamentals of shooting skills.

Hosted by iDARE® Inc.

NRA Women On Target® Instructional Clinics create more opportunities for women to learn all about firearms, and to gain confidence in newly-acquired shooting skills

Learn safe firearms handling
Learn how to store your firearms safely
Learn to shoot
Learn a sport you’ll enjoy for a lifetime

*Source: www.wot.nra.org




Here are some facts*:

5.4 million women:

participated in target shooting in 2013

43 percent of women gun owners:
 go target shooting once a month or more


73 percent of women gun owners: 

have taken at least one firearms training class


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2018 Clinic dates:

February 10, 24

March 3, 31

April 21

May 13

June 16

October 6

November 24


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Contact: Ms. Nicky Dare
Clinic Director, NRA Women On Target®
(661) 998-3285
Email: hello@NickyDare.com

I am here to assist and answer any questions! Call us.

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GROUP and PRIVATE classes are available

For 2018 classes, please contact us today! (661) 998-3285

Thank you to our certified instructors, range safety officers, coaches who selflessly volunteered to this event!


NRA and Non-NRA classes are available

(661) 998-3285