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Self Reliance is key to survival and sustainability.


Beyond the Business Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan


Active Shooter Preparedness
How To Respond

Personal Preparedness Assessment 

Our world is changing.

We need to change, adapt, and be resilient.
Disasters won’t wait.

Safety begins with 360°mindset in 365 days

Disasters may strike at anytime, natural or man-made threats.
How ‘prepared’ are you?

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Even though we may not be 100% prepared at any given emergency situation, cultivating knowledge and gaining survival skills can help drastically reduce disaster risks.
Mindset is your power.


“Education is the best weapon to change the world.”  ~ Nelson Mandela
Firearms and Non-Firearms Training

Safety and Preparedness

Transforming your safety and preparedness today. Get your proper training!

Firearms Safety

Understanding the safety in gun handling is paramount.  You must live and breathe in all gun safety rules! No exception.

Situational Awareness

Awareness is halfway the battle to your survival in life. Live in condition yellow at all times, it may save your life and your loved ones.

Marksmanship & Tactical

Get to the next level of your training to improve and gain to tactical skills. Consistent training is key to your proficiency.

Self Defence

Self-defence is a countermeasure that involves defending the health and well-being of oneself from harm.


Dare Education has an array of services focusing on safety, survival and disaster preparedness programs. These are life-saving skills.
We do not sugarcoat. We do not teach theories and call ourselves ‘experts’. 
We deliver life-saving realistic scenarios and simulation training.

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Safety and Self Reliance

Fewer than 1/4 Americans have created Disaster Preparedness and home inventory with family emergency plan.

Disasters may come in many different forms: natural or man-made disasters. 

We may not be 100% prepared, however through well-preparedness and proper training we may reduce disaster risks.

Learn how you and your family can better prepare.

Business Disaster Plan

Disaster Plan to reach and respond to unpredictable incidents and to keep your business operations going.  

As many as 43% of businesses experience natural or man-made disasters will never reopen. 29% will close within two years. 

How quickly can your organization get back to business after a major natural or man-made disaster?

Available in workshops and webinars upon special request.

Active Shooter Preparedness

AS Preparedness HTR is a custom tailored program. 

Run, Hide, and Fight scenarios combined with visual and simulation scenarios and exercises. 
Our team of experts in different fields do not teach theories or applications. We believe in training that will give you the best experience.

Available in workshops and webinars upon special request.

[Quiz] “How SAFE Are You?” 
SAFETY Rules in Gun Handling

Safety and Fundamentals Skills 

Family Home Invasion, Marksmanship and Tactical

Instructional shooting clinic exclusively for women


Firearms Safety – L1

Everyone starts from somewhere. Firearms safety and fundamentals may be the first most important step in your firearms training.

Our firearms training is focused on firearms safety which increases marksmanship skills, and encourages firearm sports. 


Marksmanship & Tactical – L2

Take your firearms training to the next level: marksmanship and tactical, family protection, home invasion scenarios. Coed, age requirement, and some restrictions may apply. We offer monthly class. 

Available in private and group.  


Women To Women

This is an exclusive women only clinic sponsored by Women On Target Instructional Shooting Clinic, NRA Women program, and hosted by iDARE. It is a volunteer based program, taught by Nicky Dare, Clinic DIrector and her fellow certified and seasoned firearms instructors. 

Check 2019 Schedule today!


Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

The instructors were all knowledgeable and friendly.  They are all experts in their fields, and I felt very safe. The personal attention, one-on-one instruction was amazing! 

Erin H.

Firearms Safety 

I did not expect the workshop will be very informative and quality. Lots of preparation. I would highly recommend to everyone and hopefully she offers more. 

Bob K.

Disaster Preparedness

The speaker, topic of “Emergency & Disaster Preparedness” covered a number of relevant ideas & tips in how to prepare ourselves I never thought before.

Sandra W.

Disaster Preparedness

Situational Awareness

Understanding the concept of Situational Awareness is a good start to your single most important self defence skill. Awareness is halfway the battle to survival.

For more details: https://SA.NickyDare.com


Self Defence

Learn life savings techniques and skills by using your body as a weapon system. 

Self defence is a countermeasure that involves defending the health and well-being of oneself from harm. Learn how to avoid being in a harmful situation and protect yourself from an attacker.


Basic Urban Survival

Back to basics training in What If’s WSHTF scenarios. Learn basic safety and survival tips in how to plan, prepare, survive, and recover without being paranoid. What survival gears and items you would need in your survival bags. 

Please call us to schedule your group session.


Personal Development

This is our signature program for Personal Development. It is a customized program to your transformation needs to succeed in your personal and professional lives. It is an exclusive 3-series program. 

Call us to schedule your Transformational Personal Development.


Available in Group session in Live and online webinar 

Self defence is the most important skill to survival

Group training is only based on special request

Available in group and private one-on-one


Our Instructors Team

All firearms instructors are certified, RSO Range Safety Officers, military personnel, or seasoned with minimum of 20 years or more of firearms background.

Corporate Group and Private pricing are available.


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