Home for Safety, Preparedness, and Sustainability

Dare Education is an organization that was created to inspiration individuals and help them reach their full potential. Ms. Dare and her team will work to identify weaknesses and, through fun and exciting sessions, will help you turn these into strengths that will benefit you for the foreseeable future.

One aspect of Dare Education is all about providing you with the confidence and knowledge to know how to act safely in emergency situations. Non-Firearms and/or Firearms courses and training.

Non-Firearms courses include:

  • Disaster Preparedness workshop
  • Disaster Preparedness mitigation lectures
  • Earthquake Preparedness / ShakeOut simulation exercises
  • Situational Awareness workshop
  • Active Shooter Preparedness webinar

Firearms courses include:

  • Private Firearms [one-on-one or group coaching]
  • Women On Target Instructional Clinic
  • Active Shooter Preparedness | Stop The Threat & Stop The Bleed – on request only

She will work with you, in a group session or privately, to increase your firearm expertise through vocational lessons on the gun range. Her classes have already proved extremely popular, with her ‘Women On Target’ sessions helping turn shy women into confident girl bosses in just a few, short weeks.

Ms. Dare has also spent a large proportion of her entrepreneurial life helping others to improve their lives in the motivational niche, with several podcasts and videos you can access to spice up your life—and improve your future—in a few, short minutes.

So what are you waiting for? Contact Ms. Dare and team to see how they can transform your safety and preparedness for the future in weeks!