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Why do you need firearms training?

Our firearms training is focused on firearms safety which increases marksmanship skills, and encourages firearm sports. The purpose of such training is to stave off potential threats or actual attacks upon one’s person or that of another. Please follow and like us:

Emergency items you may consider adding into your Survival bag

So we get this question quite often during our Q & A session at workshop. Our reply would vary based on your business needs and family lifestyle. You may want to consider having multiple emergency bags wherever you spend most time during your day. For example, if you are a full time student living on…
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Active Shooter Preparedness

Unfortunately, active shooter incidents have becoming a daily landscape in our community. It is a world awareness to staying prepared at all times for such hideous act of crime. We have offered to few organizations, including our local first responder agencies of our customized program of Active Shooter Preparedness | How To Respond consisting of…
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Workshops are available upon request based on schedules availability: Safety & Survival Workshops, 2 series Active Shooter / Workplace Violence Seminars*  [Coming in Spring 2018 !] Corporate Team Building Course certifications will be given to each participants upon completion. For pricing and other details, please contact us. * FREE to Places of Worships, and Schools…
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Private Classes

Private classes are available upon request. [Minimum 5 people] Reservations must be made in minimum of 2-3 weeks in advanced. Private classes are available in Handgun / Rifle / Shotgun: 4 hour or 8 hour class Caliber: 22, 9mm, 380 [handgun] 22, 223, 556 [rifle] bucks, birds, slugs [shotgun] Rounds: 150-200 rounds For more details,…
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Women On Target®

Women On Target® is an instructional shooting clinic. This course is an introduction to firearms safety, gun handling, and the fundamentals of shooting skills. Clinics are volunteer-based programs. Taught by seasoned and certified firearms instructors, range safety officers, former military and law enforcement personnel.     Watch brief video here: Watch a 30-second video here:…
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