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Firearms training

  • Handgun, Rifle, Shotgun*
  • Introduction to Firearms: Safety, Marksmanship*
  • NRA Women On Target clinic* hosted by iDARE
  • Private [minimum of 6 people]

* Must meet requirements and any pre-requisites whenever applicable

Non-Firearms training

  • Active Shooter Preparedness
  • Situational Awareness workshop [2 series]
  • Basic Self Protection program | Self Defence
  • Urban Survival Training

Classes are available in Group and Private.

Women On Target Clinics and FREE workshops are all hosted by iDARE Inc. non-profit. All proceeds go towards the costs and expenses incurred for the programs. 

Free Webinars & Workshops  [hosted by iDARE® Inc]

• Survival & Situational Awareness
• Community Emergency Preparedness

All firearms instructors are certified, RSO Range Safety Officers, military personnel, or seasoned with minimum of 20 years or more of firearms background.

Corporate Group and Private pricing are available.