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As a law abiding citizen and responsible gun owner, you must follow ALL laws and regulations based on where you reside and live. 

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Our firearms training is focused on firearms safety which increases marksmanship skills, and encourages firearm sports. The purpose of such training is to stave off potential threats or actual attacks upon one’s person or that of another.

We welcome everyone of every skill set, and strongly encourages female clientele. To learn more, please go to our NRA Women On Target® Instructional Shooting Clinic. However, this is not a forum for combat shooters to discuss who is most proficient with the better quality firearms. In our firearms training classes you will not be judged on your level experience or lack thereof. We are a group of ordinary and passionate civilians sharing ideas, opinions, tips, techniques and firearms experiences that a newcomer to the group may or not already have. Our students are often very diverse. Therefore, we strive to address safety concerns, cultural and language barriers, along with other factors that might pose a barrier to your full learning experience and potential. We share and cater to your personal objectives, and tailor the classes to you and how you can derive the most benefit from our instruction.

Our firearms training is strictly a services-based environment. We do not sell or offer firearms-related products. This allows us to be neutral on topics like firearms equipment, personal gear or accessories. Programs and courses are offered in classroom style environments – either in groups or in private one-on-one settings. Our highly qualified and certified instructors (both NRA or non-NRA) are certified in Basic Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun training. We also have CCW instructors, range masters, self-defense and martial arts experts on our team.

Our firearms training for both entry and advanced levels are available.

Must follow SAFETY RULES in Gun handling at anytime! NO Exception!!

Safety is YOUR personal responsibilities at all times

Let’s Review these BASIC SAFETY RULES

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Here are some demo videos showing clearing malfunctions (Dry practice) with Safety Rules applied.



Please do NOT attempt any of these techniques without prior Professional instruction or supervised by Certified Instructors


NOTE: Safety is a mechanical device, and can fail; thus, the shooter can not depend upon a safety to absolutely prevent any accident. The prevention of a firearm accident is always the responsibility of the gun handler.


Our Team Instructors 

We are passionate certified firearms instructors with diverse background of civilian, military personnel, and law enforcement.



Our Team does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), age, gender identity, sexual orientation, medical condition, financial status, or political affiliation.


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