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Great instruction by Nicky. She’s extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic. I learned a great deal. ~ Barbara Hubbard

Nicky, what a great class/time our wives had this weekend. It was professional, personal, and very well done. The girls had a great time and learned some valuable basics. Just in conversation with friends these past few days, we have several friends who would be very interested in any future courses so please advise us for the next one. Thank you again for a very well done course! ~ Frank S.

The whole course overall was excellent !! The instructors and their patience and direction, helpful tips and techniques were great. Thank you Nicky and to all of your instructors team for their time. Thank you again Nicky, I had a blast ! ~ Jennie S.

The one-on-one Instruction was amazing. Thank you Nicky and everyone to make the best training both in classroom and on the range today! ~ Linda

Thank you so much again for a wonderful and educational day, Nicky! And I would highly recommend this to all ladies and especially moms who want a memorable and meaningful day bonding with their daughters. My daughter and I hope to take more of your classes together. You are a great role model for all women and it was a pleasure meeting you and attending your course ~ Dianne K

The instructors, they were all very helpful and patient. I truly appreciate you and this course. It gave me lots of confidence ! ~ Mina Q.

Thank you Nicky for providing such insightful tips and techniques even my husband could not teach me ~ Bonnie

The speaker Ms. Dare was very informative and personable. I felt very comfortable asking questions and she did not stop until I understood her answers. Thank you!” ~ Megan D.

Thanks for all your help and expertise today Sarge!! I had a great day and learned so much. You and Nicky are a great teaching team!! ~ Carinda Petrivelli Mickelsen

The speaker and topic on “Disaster and Emergency Preparedness” covered a number of relevant ideas and tips on how to prepare ourselves I never thought about before ~ Sandra W.

I want to thank you for a fabulous day yesterday. It is sooo amazing that you and all the instructors team were to extend your service. I would never have had this opportunity otherwise. I will get some more individual coaching before I am ready to go practice on my own. I hope our paths will meet again. You are an amazing young woman. Again many thanks for a very special and thrilling day ~ Nicki C.

“I sure did enjoy the class this weekend and learned a lot ! Thank you! Sincerely” ~ Grace W.

Great personal instruction. Also the hospitality was above expectations ~ Vicki M

This was a great experience and would recommend to others ~ Susan H.

The instructors were all knowledgeable and friendly. They are all experts in their fields and I felt very safe. The personal attention / one-on-one instruction was amazing ~ Erin H.

Instructors were so helpful, and felt very safe. Lots of great tips! ~ Julie L.

I liked and enjoyed the entire training! This was the best. I felt very comfortable and safe. I appreciate the one-on-one training more than anything. Thank You! ~ Isabel M.

Thanks for a great class this weekend! ~ Christina N.

I really learned alot and enjoyed the class on Saturday. It was very informative and alot of fun. Thanks again ~ Donna R.

Great motivational speaker, Ms. Dare is such an inspiring and yet humble person who shares her own experiences makes us very inspired all together. She makes us feel not alone with our challenges and find solutions in life. Thank you for making my day! ~ Kay S.

Nicky was great! that is what I love most of the class today. The course was excellent !! Nicky was “Amazing” she is a very good teacher ! I will be back for sure! ~ Silvia B.

Love this class !!!!! I learned safety first, guns, parts and aiming, shooting, and including what we need to clear when failure malfunctioning on the gun. Very helpful information! I had such an awesome time in class. You are the greatest! ~ Ellen N

Great class. Very well put together! Thank you Nicky! ~ Katie D.

Learned of importance of safety in gun handling. Shooting techniques. Great class!” ~ Jeff S.

I did not expect the workshop will be very informative and quality. Lots of preparation to this great community information. I would highly recommend this workshop to everyone and hope she will offer more ~ Bob K.

A very informative workshop on “Disaster and Emergency Preparedness” and would recommend to others ~ Saul H.

The instructions were clear and that we review possible gun issues. I liked the class very much. Thank you! ~ Audrey M.

What I loved most of this class was the facility and such a great pace of class, and very descriptive. I have done other courses before, but I have learned so much here and still want to learn more ~ Erika C.

What I loved most of this class was the Thoroughness of the instructor on safety and gun handling. The professionalism she carried out of the entire course. And of course, the shooting!! There was nothing I did not enjoy, and learned from. Thank you Nicky! ~ Kathy S.

I thought this workshop will be boring and I am glad I was wrong! Thank you for providing this to our community” ~ Rachelle D. .

“The whole course overall was excellent! The Instructors and their patience and direction, Tips and Techniques were great. Thank you to all of the Instructors for their time Thank you Nicky, I had a blast !”

“Instructors were all helpful. I felt very safe. Much better than my husband. Great tips. Thanks for giving us cold water and keeping us always stay hydrated and SAFE during the course and the heat!”

“I have enjoyed the whole course. I have never felt so comfortable and safe on the range. I appreciate so much that I was safe and being informed of my safety while shooting. Thank you!”

“I liked the Instructors the most! Everyone was patient, approachable and a pleasure to work with. I learned so much! There were plenty of refreshments, great lunch, and overall positive space. It was a lot of fun ! Thank you so much Nicky for putting this together and great course for all of us women ! Thank you again !” .

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